With more celebrities and influencers looking glam, smiling, and showing their pearly white teeth via social media, the popularity of teeth whitening treatments has got dramatically increased in past few years- triggering people to go for the same solutions they implement for teeth whitening.

If you are worried about the discoloration of your teeth, you may have wondered how much does teeth whitening cost?

They say, “make the white choice for your smile”, in fact, the majority of Aussies believe that an attractive smile makes a person more appealing and charming.

However, it has become a little more challenging today due to overwhelming products and expensive teeth whitening solutions.

Well, don’t worry. Today we are going to unleash some effective methods and their costs that do not burden your pocket. The best part is the methods are completely non-invasive and painless that is tailored specifically for your bright smile without even breaking your bank.

Costs of Over-the-Counter Products:

If you do not want to visit a dentist’s office, use teeth whitening solutions at home and consider some over-the-counter products that include teeth-whitening strips or teeth whitening gels- which is comparatively a less costly solution. You can get those strips for around $20- $40. The box features enough strips that you need to use for 2-3 weeks, but keep in mind, the results won’t be permanent and take enough time to show.

Well, if you want a more reliable, effective, and longer-lasting solution then nothing can beat the performance of teeth whitening trays that are only available for $69. These are the pre-filed thermoforming trays that include no LED lights and no messy syringes. However, if you want any changes in design or fitting, you can also call your dentist to ask them for a custom-fitted tray.

These whitening trays are also much hygienic and perfect for single use. You can wear them for 45 minutes as a touch-up when you need to go out.

Teeth Whitening Costs at Dentist’s Office:

If you are curious to find out the costs of a dental teeth whitening treatment, you may be surprised to know its average costs are more than $700, which can even cross to $1,000 and sometimes more depending on the treatment they use and the products they consider for teeth whitening, plus their dental fee.

Yes, we cannot deny the fact that many times in-office teeth whitening is also worth taking the risk as it pays off. People have noticed an incredible difference in the look, structure, and color of their teeth after visiting a doctor than implementing a random treatment at home.

If you have ever experienced that you must know how it works. Dentists use highly powerful and considerably strong bleaching agents than that common bleaching agent you find in your teeth whitening gels or strips used at home.

Moreover, the teeth whitening strips we generally buy from the chemical stores have no more than 10 percent hydrogen peroxide, which is one of the popularly used bleaching agents. When you consider a dentist’s treatment in the office, you may find a total of 25-40% hydrogen peroxide.

However, if you are thinking to visit a dentist for teeth whitening, think again!

Because still, many people do not follow the idea of choosing dentists and rely on other methods for teeth whitening. So as long as your teeth are not badly stained, you don’t have to walk to the dentist’s office and spend a fortune.

Costs of Teeth Whitening Kit:

If you have ever used teeth whitening kit from a reputable brand, you cannot deny the dazzling benefits of this amazing technique.

There are lots of cosmetic and health benefits associated with teeth whitening kits. Especially when you choose a trustable brand like Teeth Whitening Adelaide for these whitening kits, you can realize the importance of this fastest method as their teeth whitening kits contain high-quality cleaning foam, teeth whitening pen, and enamel booster.

This full-fledged cleaning solution enhances your whitening results and features the most amazing dental-grade formulas even approved by dental associations.

The interesting element is their costs are not high. You can get them for as low as $99. It’s an ideal care pack for your discolored and stained teeth that cannot be treated with cheap products, strips, or gels.

Laser teeth whitening treatment costs:

Laser teeth whitening solutions, also called Power bleaching are also performed at the dentist’s office which is comparatively much expensive than other treatment options.

Because this treatment involves the application of an expensive bleaching agent to your teeth. After that, the dentist shines a laser light into your mouth so that he can activate the whitening procedure. This treatment may take more than 1 hour, and one treatment might be sufficient for your stained teeth. However, it costs you around $1500– which is relatively much expensive than other methods.

What’s the Best Long-term Investment?

After evaluating all the methods for teeth whitening, you must be wondering what could be the best long-term investment for teeth whitening that gives effective results without spending tons of money.

Let’s summarize the costs of all the treatments so you can decide easily & effectively:

Types of teeth whitening treatment Estimated Costs
Teeth whitening trays $69
Teeth whitening kits $99
In-office treatments $700
Laser teeth whitening treatment $1500
Natural methods like strips or gels $25-$50

After analyzing the above costs, we bet many people turn to the less expensive treatment like using natural methods- which are probably not effective and not even long term.

If you want to go for a moderate solution and the best long-term investment, then teeth whitening trays, kits, or pens are extremely beneficial for you as you don’t have to break your bank in buying them and get the best results with minimal spending. Now looking at the price tag of in-office treatments, many people do not want to spend that money as its price is extremely high than other methods that can give equal results.

So, if you are interested to explore more treatment methods and save tons of money on teeth whitening, you can book your treatment with Teeth Whitening Adelaide which acts as a substitute for those expensive teeth whitening treatments that are not even affordable for common people.