With a Teeth Whitening Adelaide self administered instant whitening treatment, you simply place a mouth tray filled with our special bleaching gel into your mouth, recline on a comfortable chair, and accelerate the whitening process by activating our special cold blue LED light (not UV or laser). In 20 minutes your teeth will be a minimum 2 shades whiter – guaranteed*, and for many clients the results are 8 or more shades whiter in one treatment, and at a much lower cost, and much more effectively than other tooth bleaching treatments available.

Our instant whitening gels use the oxidizing agent Carbamide Peroxide (an oxidizing agent, consisting of hydrogen peroxide compounded with urea) combined with our special light’s energy to accelerate the process of bleaching and lighten the shade of the tooth. The oxidizing agent penetrates the porosities in the rod-like crystal structure of enamel and oxidizes interprismatic stain deposits.

Our take home teeth whitening products use Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide for instantaneous activation on the tooth surface, producing the fastest and best whitening results possible, without the use of a professional Accelerator Light.

The by-products of the chemical reaction of Hydrogen Peroxide (and Carbamide Peroxide) when applied to the teeth are only OXYGEN & WATER


Home Whitening Kit or Whitening Pen removes most stains caused by ageing, coffee, tea, cola drinks, red wine, smoking etc. and reduces discolorations caused by medicines such as tetracycline and antibiotics, and also reduces white spots caused by excessive fluoride consumption.

They also removes stains from crowns, veneers and caps without changing their original colour, and without damaging the dental work.

Depending on the natural colour of your teeth, and how much discolouration is present, it is possible to achieve a dramatically whiter smile with 8 shades or more whiter from a single treatment (instant treatment). You may undertake additional treatments to further whiten your teeth to the colour you desire. Many licensees of our instant whitening systems offer a discount for clients taking a 2nd treatment, and our special Teeth Whitening Pens are recommended to maintain your whiter teeth after treatment.

Products sold over-the-counter in most chemists are usually under 6% hydrogen peroxide and they will not effectively bleach your teeth without very long periods of exposure to the teeth (and gums). Our specially formulated gel is pH balanced and is tooth enamel safe, non/low-acidity, it generally contains the equivalent of 12% Hydrogen Peroxide (or 35% Carbamide Peroxide) so it is professional grade, but much safer than many Dentist grade bleaches of up to 35% Hydrogen Peroxide, and much safer than common orange juice on your teeth – yet still very effective.

A typical Teeth Whitening Adelaide treatment can produce dramatic improvement in the cosmetic appearance of most stained teeth however, some stains do not respond as well to bleaching. Tetracycline/Antibiotic staining may require multiple treatments, as it takes longer for the bleach to be effective. Bleaching is less effective when the original tooth color is grayish. Bleaching is most effective with yellow discolored teeth. Bleaching does not change the genetic colouring of the teeth, which is unique to every person.


As with ALL brands of teeth whitening product from ANY supplier,

Teeth Whitening products carry potential risks:

Whitening treatments are generally safe, and for people with Normal, Healthy Teeth and Gums there are usually no side effects, however, some of the potential complications of the company’s (and all brands) of tooth whitening products include, but are not limited to:

GUM IRRITATION: Whitening gel that comes in contact with gum tissue during the treatment may cause inflammation and/or blanching or whitening of the gums, gum line or inside lips. This is generally due to inadvertent exposure of small areas of those tissues to the whitening gel. The inflammation and/or whitening of gums is transient, meaning it does not last, and any colour change of the gum tissue will reverse within two hours, usually within 10-30 minutes. With our home whitening kits, or whitening pens, this should never happen when used as directed.

TOOTH SENSITIVITY: Although uncommon with the cosmetic teeth whitening products offered by the company, some customers can experience some tooth sensitivity for a period during or after the whitening treatment. People with existing sensitivity, recently cracked teeth, micro-cracks, open cavities, leaking fillings, or other dental conditions that cause sensitivity may find that those conditions increase or prolong tooth sensitivity after the cosmetic teeth whitening treatment from the company. Use of Sensodyne toothpaste can relieve these symptoms.

SPOTS OR STREAKS: Some customers may develop white spots or streaks on their teeth due to calcium deposits that naturally occur in teeth. These usually diminish within 24 to 48 hours.

RELAPSE: After the company’s cosmetic teeth whitening treatment, it is natural for teeth colour to regress somewhat over time. This is natural and should be very gradual, but it can be accelerated by exposing your teeth to various staining agents, such as coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine, etc. You should not eat or drink anything except water during the first 60 minutes after the treatment. You should understand that the results of the treatment are not intended to be permanent and that secondary, repeat, or touch-up treatments may be needed for you to achieve or maintain the colour you desire for your teeth (within the limits of natural teeth).

Teeth Whitening treatments of any type are not recommended for:

  • Persons under 16 years of age
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing
  • Persons with an allergy to Hydrogen Peroxide. This is commonly identified if you have ever bleached your hair and developed a rash.
  • Typically, under 1% of the population are allergic.
  • Persons not prepared to accept full responsibility in evaluating potential risks vs rewards and choosing to proceed with treatment
  • Any side effects experienced are temporary and will usually disappear within a few days.

If you are in any doubt about your oral or dental health, consult your dentist prior to purchasing, or treatment


Teeth Whitening Adelaide’s instant whitening treatment uses a cold blue light as an accelerator (not UV or Plasma/Laser like many dentists), which can’t burn, and all of our products use specially formulated whitening gels which are tooth enamel safe, no/low-acidity, and not as strong as many in-office dentist treatments. For people with normal, healthy teeth and gums, there are no adverse effects to using a Teeth Whitening Adelaide tooth bleaching treatment. Our products do not remove enamel from your teeth and many Clinical Studies confirm Hydrogen Peroxide at these strengths is safe on tooth enamel. Other benefits such as decreasing harmful bacteria found in gingivitis and periodontal disease may also be observed according to independent studies related to teeth bleaching, but check with your Dentist first if you have gum disease.

Studies from the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD Impact, April 1998, p.23) state “Several studies, during the past five years, have proven bleaching to be safe and effective”.

Dentists often use stronger bleaches than Pro Teeth Whitening use, and with multiple consecutive treatments which are more likely to cause irritation to gums, teeth, and inside the mouth.


The same cosmetic stain removing effects are achieved with dental work such as crowns, veneers and caps, however the original colour of the dental work will not be changed. Our products will only provide a deep cleaning of the surface of any dental work, restoring it to the original colour when applied by your dentist.


It does not hurt for the vast majority of people, however it is possible you may experience some sensitivity during the treatment, or minor tingling, but this disappears quickly with no lasting effects. If you have normal, healthy teeth and gums, there is no pain. There are no needles or injections and none of the pain normally associated with a Dentist visit.

We balance your desire for whiter teeth, with your desire for the treatment to be pain and side-effect free in all of our products. That is why we limit the strength of our whitening gel, and the amount of time you have the gel in your mouth. Even whiter teeth could be achieved from each treatment using our technology, however we believe it is not worthwhile to increase the risk of any pain or temporary discomfort to your gums, so we recommend additional treatments over time if you want an even whiter smile. We also recommend the use of our Teeth Whitening Adelaide Pens to maintain your whiter teeth after an Instant Whitening or Home Whitening Kit treatment.


No. Our products are purely cosmetic (non-medical) as defined by the Australian TGA, and are self-administered. Our licensee’s Whitening Assistants are fully trained in the instant whitening treatment, and follow professional hygiene practices to assist you in performing the treatment. Each client receives a new, pressure sealed pack containing mouth tray, whitening gel and other disposables. You are welcome to have a similar treatment from a Dentist and pay $500 to $1000 or more, if you prefer. There is no more effective treatment currently available in 20 minutes, than the Teeth Whitening Adelaide instant whitening treatment, and ours is priced from only $139.

The use of home teeth whitening kits has been accepted by Dental professionals for many years, and they also advocate and sell tooth bleaching products for consumers to use at home. The composition of the products sold by Dentists use the same chemicals and active ingredients as products which can be purchased much more affordably outside the Dentist office.

In fact, some teeth Teeth Whitening’s performed by professional Dentists can cause more discomfort and side effects than our Teeth Whitening Adelaide instant treatment, due to some Dentists use of UV light and very strong (up to 35% Hydrogen Peroxide) bleaching gels. Over the counter or Dentist purchased mouth trays and gel treatments you do at home typically take too long and also provide no experienced supervision. If you wish to whiten your teeth at home, consider our much faster Take Home Teeth Whitening Kits.


Our teeth whitening products are designed for men or women over the age of 16. All you need is discoloured teeth and the ability to remain seated with your head still for 20 minutes (for our instant whitening treatment). If you have normal, healthy teeth and gums you can use our products, and they will whiten your teeth. Young or old, men or women, you will benefit from the extra confidence and success a brighter smile brings. The products are not reccommended for pregnant, or breast feeding women as an added safety precaution.


It is possible to keep your new, whiter smile for 2 years or more by observing good dental care and hygiene practices, and avoiding the consumption of dark coloured foods and drinks. It is normal over time for staining to build up again on your teeth due to lifestyle choices. We suggest you purchase a Teeth Whitening Adelaide instant whitening treatment at 6-12 month intervals to maintain your optimal white, bright smile, and use our Teeth Whitening Adelaide Pens to touch up and maintain your smile. Alternatively, purchase our Take Home Teeth Whitening Kit and maintain your smile at home as required.


For 24 hours following the instant whitening treatment, you should avoid coffee, tea, cola drinks, red wine, smoking, or consuming anything that could stain your teeth. For Take Home Whitening Kits and Teeth Whitening Adelaide Pens this is 30-60 minutes. As a general guide, if what you eat or drink can stain a white shirt, it could stain your teeth! This is because your teeth are temporarily more porous after the treatment. However, if you purchase and use a Pro Teeth Whitening Pen following an instant treatment, you may eat and drink whatever you want after the treatment.


It’s simple. Teeth Whitening Adelaide technology is capable of producing much whiter teeth from a single instant whitening treatment, but this would take a longer time (eg; Dentists 1+ hour treatment), resulting in longer exposure of your gums to the Hydrogen Peroxide bleach content of the whitening gel. The longer your gums are exposed to this chemical (even though it is generally regarded as safe and causes no long term damage) the greater chance of irritation, discomfort, tooth sensitivity, or side effects. We simply balance your desire for whiter teeth, with your desire not to feel pain or have any significant side effects.

You can always take additional Teeth Whitening Adelaide treatments if you want your teeth even whiter. Remember – Dentists generally do not guarantee the whitening results of treatments they offer, yet their treatments cost significantly more, with similar whitening results to a Teeth Whitening Adelaide treatment.

In most cases, results from a Teeth Whitening Adelaide instant treatment will be 4 to 6 shades whiter teeth , and up to 8 or more shades are possible from a single treatment. If you want even better results, have additional treatments.


Absolutely not! When reviewing your teeth whitening options, although others may appear similar to Teeth Whitening Adelaide, there may be substantial differences:

  • Teeth Whitening Adelaide professionalism and training is of the highest standard for assisting clients in rapid cosmetic teeth whitening
  • Teeth Whitening Adelaide Instant Whitening Treatment uses accelerator lights with special LED lamps which are not in use by all competitors despite many machines looking similar
  • Teeth Whitening Adelaide bleaching gels are enamel safe, highest quality, fresh gels, formulated to achieve results while protecting your teeth and gums as much as possible. Our combination of product and procedure produce the best results possible outside the Dentist’s Office.
  • Teeth Whitening Adelaide’s licensee instant whitening assistants are knowledgeable and friendly and provide the highest levels of customer service while assisting their clients
  • Teeth Whitening Adelaide’s licensees follow strict procedures for hygiene and infection control
  • Teeth Whitening Adelaide have extensive experience in the industry from the USA market and brought this technology and service to Australia. The technology we use was developed in the USA, and the accelerator lamp technology is FDA approved.
  • Teeth Whitening Adelaide’s products are approved and registered by the Australian NICNAS. TGA approval is not required as the products are defined as cosmetic, not therapeutic.
  • Teeth Whitening Adelaide do not use pre-filled gel mouthguards, silicon impression trays or foam strips in mouthguards as the results are never as good.
  • Teeth Whitening Adelaide are founding members of the Australian Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association (ACTWA™) which is a self-regulating professional industry group for the teeth whitening industry of Australia, following professional standards in consultation with industry professionals and experts.


Unfortunately, as with every industry, there are individuals and businesses promoting products or treatments for teeth whitening which do not provide optimal results, or risk client comfort, or simply promote false or misleading information. Here is a list of types of operators and products to avoid. Review your teeth whitening options and providers carefully, and check for things like:

Always ensure the person assisting you with instant whitening treatment is professionally trained by a company who has extensive experience in instant teeth whitening, and is ideally a member of the ACTWA™ and adequately insured.

Avoid pre-filled gel mouth trays (mouthguards) or trays using pre-filled foam strips as the gel is never contained to the correct location in the tray after transport, and can easily get onto your gums or not cover all of your teeth evenly during the treatment leaving the possibility of patchy whitening. In addition, foam strips obscure any benefit from use of an accelerator light. Everyone’s mouth and teeth are different shapes, and manually placing the gel into the tray prior to treatment is the most effective way to cater for these differences, not a pre-filled tray. This type of product is prevalent in treatments sold with no professional supervision or assistance provided. Fresh gel, applied to the tray correctly at the time of treatment, will always provide the safest, and best results.

Avoid “silicone impression” mouth trays where you bite into silicone and then fill the gaps with gel. The gaps left behind do not leave adequate space for sufficent quantity of whitening gel to maintain contact with the teeth evenly. The chemical reaction duration and effectiveness of Hydrogen Peroxide is directly related to the thickness (amount) and time of the gel on the teeth. These trays permit only a very thin layer of gel to contact the teeth. In addition, they are opaque and restrict the LED accelerator light from having any effect on the whitening process.

Teeth Bleaching gel of higher than 35% Carbamide Peroxide, or higher than 12% Hydrogen Peroxide is not necessary to produce professional results (except for transitory use such as Whitening Pens). Gels of higher concentrations only increases the risk of gum and tooth irritation and undesirable side effects. Dentists are permitted to use dtronger gels for longer duration because they use gum barrier protection.

Never take an instant teeth whitening treatment of longer than 20 minutes within any 24 hour period unless using bleaching gel of lower than 18% Carbamide Peroxide or 6% Hydrogen Peroxide as exposure times above 20 minutes may increase the probability of gum irritation. If you want whiter teeth than the first treatment provides, book a secondary treatment after 24 hours to allow your gums and teeth time to recover and to assess any side effects a small percentage of the population may experience.

Avoid instant whitening treatments where a “cheek retractor” is not used. While uncomfortable and unsightly, the cheek retractor moves your lips away from any chance of contact with the gel, exposes your gums for cleaning of excess gel, and exposes your teeth properly to the LED accelerator light for maximum results in the shortest, safe period of time.

Vitamin E swabs and other swabs promoted by many vendors to protect gums during Instant Whitening treatments are innefective. Saliva from the mouth washes away the swab very quickly and will not protect the gums from exposure to bleaching gel. The only value is to soothe soft tissue areas which have already been exposed to bleaching gel.

Vendors who do not clearly display and advertise the strenght and composition of their tooth bleaching gels on all products should be treated with caution. You don’t know how weak, or strong the gel is, so therefore can’t make a good comparison.

Look for an operator of instant whitening services who offers a money back guarantee, as these companies are more likely to know what they are doing

Look for operators who’s products, advertising claims, training, procedures and hygiene standards have been reviewed by a Dental Board – Teeth Whitening Adelaide had all the above reviewed!

Never accept an instant treatment where any mouthguard or gel syringe or any part of the kit is re-used under any circumstances.

Never sign up for the internet sites offering a “free sample” as inevitably you may be charged on your credit card without permission and find it difficult to stop the payments to these unscrupulous companies. Teeth Whitening Adelaide never offer “free” samples or automatically charge credit cards.

Do not believe companies claiming to have TGA Approval or Australian Standards compliance as these do not exist in Australia for teeth whitening products.

We recommend you purchase the take-home teeth whitening kit if you wish to whiten your teeth alone at home. Other vendors take home teeth whitening kits require too long in the mouth and continued use over long periods to get best results, and this normally leads to abandoning the treatment with wasted money and gum/tooth irritations. We recommend the purchase of a Teeth Whitening Adelaide Pen as the lowest cost alternative to whiten teeth if your budget is limited.


No! The active ingredient in ALL professional teeth whitening gels worldwide is Hydrogen Peroxide. Bacteria can’t live in this chemical, so all professional teeth whitening gels from any manufacturer are safe, from a hygiene perspective. Teeth Whitening Adelaide only use pH balanced gels which are no/low-acidity and are much less harmful than common orange juice on tooth enamel. Clinical studies prove no long term damage to tooth enamel using Hydrogen Peroxide based tooth bleaching gels up to 35% HP concentration (which is why Dentists can use such strong gels for in-office Light based treatments).

In Australia, teeth whitening gels are considered to be “cosmetic” and are not regulated by the TGA so any company claiming additional safeguards by selling “Australian Made” gels is being misleading. The country of origin only affects the pricing of the product due to labour costs to manufacture. In addition, there is no Australian Standard defined for teeth whitening gels so it is impossible for anyone to comply with Australian Standards.

Be careful!

The difference between whitening gels from different manufacturers is the concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide, and the minor additives to the formula overall – The gel strength (and type) is the biggest factor in determining the teeth whitening results you desire.


In fixed store locations, often the friendly, trained staff can offer the instant Teeth Whitening Adelaide treatment on the spot, with no advance preparation but check with your local outlet if they require a reservation. If you prefer to have the instant whitening treatment in your home, office, or at a party, our mobile in-home licensees are available by reservation at locations around Australia. click here to make a mobile in home booking. Alternatively, purchase one of our Teeth Whitening Kits or Teeth Whitening Pens to whiten your teeth at home.


Yes we do. You may purchase a Gift Voucher and give it to someone special, sharing the gift of a confident smile through whiter teeth. Contact us or any one of our Outlets to make arrangements.


We process website payments via PayPal. You can use all major credit cards for payment, without a PayPal account. For local in-store or mobile provider purchases, contact the provider directly to confirm payment requirements.


Teeth Whitening Adelaide is a highly respected teeth whitening treatment provider in Adelaide. Providing tooth whitening treatments and teeth whitening products, and much more. Reach out to us today for more information.



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