Hylodent Gum Serum


Hylodent Gum Serum uses the special serum contains a powerful formula combining hyaluronic acid and xylitol.

Hylodent Gum Serum Features

Hyaluronic Acid

  • This is an incredible substance. Because it is naturally found all over the human body, it is very easily tolerated.
  • It is able to bind an extreme amount of water, which helps provide tissue with moisture.
  • It has an antibacterial effect and the body takes advantage of this and increases the concentration at times of infection.
  • It stimulates wound healing and cell regeneration.
  • With this special acid and xylitol combined, it’s a winning formula.


  • Xylitol is a sugar alcohol found in small amounts in some fruits and vegetables, such as cauliflowers, plums, raspberries, and strawberries.
  • Unlike normal sugar, xylitol cannot be metabolised by the cavity-causing bacteria Streptococcus mutans. The result? This reverses bacterial colonisation for the better.
  • What does this mean? The bacteria cannot settle on the teeth and cause plaque.
  • It contributes to the preservation of dental mineralisation.
  • It reduces biofilm on the teeth.



Why Hylodent Gum Serum?

Hylodent gum serum is a high quality, targeted treatment for irritated and bleeding gums. It can be applied directly to problem areas, where it gets to work right away. This is the only gum serum you’ll need with its highly effective ingredients.

The special serum contains a powerful formula combining hyaluronic acid and xylitol. Thanks to its many properties, hyaluronic acid is used for a variety of different medical purposes, while xylitol hinders the growth of the bacteria streptococcus mutans, which causes dental plaque and cavities. Healthy oral flora can even prevent the formation of plaque and cavities.

The hyaluronic acid used in Hylodent gum products promotes the tissue’s own powers of regeneration. The gums are well moisturised so that they sit against the teeth better, supporting your daily oral care. Also, if dental implants cause you problems, the serum offers anti inflammatory benefits.

Apply just a small amount of gum serum to the problem areas in the mouth using a cotton swab or use your index finger after thoroughly washing your hands with soap. Apply a small, peasize amount of Hylodent gum treatment to the desired area and do not eat or drink anything for half an hour afterwards, to give your gums time to absorb the ingredients.


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