Have you noticed your teeth are not as white as they should be? What could be the possible reasons that are making your teeth losing their luminosity?

From maintaining poor dental hygiene to taking foods like wine, colas, tea, and coffee, there could be lots of reasons that cause teeth discoloration.

If you are also experiencing the same things and your teeth are yellow, discolored, stained, or not as sparkling white as you want them to be, then professional teeth whitening is undoubtedly an ideal solution for you that can permanently brighten up your smile while giving you the pearly white teeth.

However, before considering any kind of treatment, you should often ask yourself a question that Is it Worth it to Get Your Teeth Professionally Whitened? What if you choose over-the-counter products? Do they also give reliable results?

Well, we know there are a lot of questions and confusion that might stop you from getting professional teeth whitening treatment. Though the situation will change when you get to learn its benefits and long-lasting results.

So, let’s resolve the problem by figuring out whether professional teeth whitening is an answer to your needs or not?

With Professional Teeth Whitening, you are Paying for Extraordinary Cleaning:

Before performing actual teeth whitening treatment, your dental professional will begin the process by cleaning your teeth & gums and remove all the plaque, tartar, and germs. Your professional will fill in those cavities that are stained and needed attention. They perform this procedure because they need to continue with a clean slate of teeth.

After that, when they start the actual procedure, they always place a durable rubber sheet called “dental damns” that gives protection to your gums. Once done, they apply the bleaching agent or any other solution that features 10-35% hydrogen peroxide. After that, they will wipe the solution off after 15-45 minutes and then reapply so they can remove another “layer” of stain.

Professional Teeth Whitening Includes Higher Hydrogen Peroxide:

When you consider professional teeth whitening treatment, remember your dentist will apply a high dosage of hydrogen peroxide than you comparatively use at home for teeth whitening.

For example, your over-the-counter gels or strips, have a slight amount of peroxide, maybe 6-7% which is definitely not effective.

Though the recommended percentage by ADA is not more than 10%. But many gels for at-home treatment tend to use more than 20% peroxide. The maximum percentage is probably 35 percent, which you would probably find at your dentist’s office.

Now the danger associated with that 35% peroxide is that you are only required to leave it for a certain amount of time, not more than 60 minutes. It has the highest potency for your sensitive teeth. That’s the reason, it’s recommended to get the treatment by a professional dentist, rather than applying by yourself.

Another thing to note is, now because a dentist is applying strong teeth whitening solution doesn’t mean that your teeth will get instantly get white and bright. The strength of the gel they use affects how long it could be applied for.

So, with a 10-percent peroxide paste, you can easily leave it on for several hours, but a 35% paste must not exceed the duration of 1 hour. The results might be the same in many cases.

What are the advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment?

If you are still fearing professional teeth whitening treatment, it’s better to talk to someone who has already gone through professional in-office treatment. They might tell you their experience and the results they got, which are definitely far better than the treatment they have used at home.

This may cost you some extra bucks with a reliable dentist, but it would definitely be worth it at the end of your treatment.

When your teeth are whitened under the dentist’s supervision, you will get a treatment that is surely safer and more effective- which would be quicker than the treatment you use at home. Within the two weeks of your treatment, you will be able to see the results that you always desired. Especially when you choose a trustable and reliable dentist who uses bleaching agents with laser treatment, then you will see much faster results as it would stimulate the performance of peroxide molecules.

Custom-fitted Whitening Trays:

Another amazing benefit you get by choosing professional treatment is, you can get obvious constant consultations and when you think something is not working or going wrong, you can immediately consult with your dentist.

Your dentists often produce a mold of your mouth so they can give you custom-fitted teeth whitening trays once the procedure is finished.

Keep in mind that three visits to your dentist’s office over 4-6 weeks are quite common.  Their results may not last forever. But the professional can surely teach you everything about your teeth while performing the first procedure and prescribing a peroxide percentage solution.

How Much Does it Cost to Professionally Whiten Your Teeth?

In contrast to spending more than $500 at-home whitening treatments, and around $200 for different over-the-counter products, professional teeth whitening treatment doesn’t cost more than your budget.

There are different packages designed by teeth whitening professionals. For example, in the case of Teeth Whitening Adelaide, you can choose from two packages. Cosmetic teeth whitening and dental teeth whitening.

Cosmetic teeth whitening is further divided into three packages that cost $143, $159, and $199 based on their features and characteristics.

Dental teeth whitening is divided into two packages that cost $499 and $599 respectively.

If you want the best results from teeth whitening, have it done by professional teeth whitening expert that has years of knowledge and experience.

So, Is it Worth it?

Whether you visit a dentist’s office for teeth whitening or choose home whitening trays, professional teeth whitening is comparatively the best solution for permanent whiteness. Its fast and long-lasting results combined with the highest level of comfortability make the treatment completely worth considering.