Sure the big day is looming, the dress is chosen, the flowers arranged and ready to be delivered. The hairdresser booked for early am as for sure you will not sleep much. Make up, check, photographer check, video check.

Then the penny drops, and you wonder, my smile, what about my smile for all those iPhones, smart phones let alone the video or a professional photographer……and your heart sinks.

“What to do” you think. Panic!

Don’t worry, research reasearch as you get on the old ‘intraweb’, fire up the bi G, hit search….ooooerrr lots of choices (actually for a search of teeth whitening kits around 2,550,000 options or mentions).

And as you delve into the research you stumble on lots of negative comment such as pain, sensitivity, shade failure, wear overnight, COSTS….blimey

Now what?

Stop worrying. Dear bride (or groom) to be, there is a solution that will guarantee:-

Whiter teeth in 12 days with:-

  • NO side affects or sensitivities,
  • NO shade rebound or failure,
  • No requirement for multiple wear or reapplications,
  • NO overnights

..(just 60 mins for 12 days) and the great take home is that unlike ALL OTHER TEETH WHITENING KITS (at home or at the dentist)


In fact teeth whitening kit will whiten your teeth for up to 3 hours (but you will not need that long) Just 60 minutes a day = JOB DONE TICK!

A Better Teeth Whitening Option for Your Wedding Day