In today’s blog we explain the significance of The World’s only stabilised hydrogen peroxide and why you get better results with Dental Teeth Whitening.

Our Dental Teeth Whitening whitens BETTER, SAFER FASTER and here’s why…

Lets look at what is currently available as a home teeth whitening product or a teeth whitening treatment carried out at the clinic.

Chemical Fact

All other teeth whitening systems are manufactured from a destabilised hydrogen peroxide. This means they decompose in just 10 minutes (actually it is 8 minutes but lets round it up).

This means that they STOP WORKING, and they will not whiten your teeth after this period.

Any carbamide peroxide based systems after decomposition it will include….UREA and AMMONIA! They also take many hours to work, even over night.

Finally ALL other teeth whitening systems contain HEAVY METALS – these nasty blighters cause tooth dehydration and therefore shade relapse or shade regression after just 24-48 hours.

Why You Get Better Results with DENTAL Teeth Whitening

If you choose Dental Teeth Whitening here are YOUR benefits:-

  • Far superior whitening results are achieved. Whitening even the most toughest of stains. A steady slow ‘linear’ release of the unique and patented stabilised 6% gel means Natural+ will whiten your teeth for up to 90 minutes. Natural+ is double the strength of other whitening products.
  • Dental teeth whitening contains NO HEAVY METALS, therefore it is certified 100% ecological and it will not dehydrate the tooth and cause relapse.
  • A further benefit of not dehydrating the tooth is that when you whiten with Natural+ you get vibrant looking, whiter teeth with high luster. As opposed to one that is chalky and dull because it has been dehydrated.
  • You will suffer no side affects and very little if any sensitivity associated with all other teeth whitening systems as ours is a true neutral pH on the tooth.
  • The unique, calibrated constant dose syringe means you will not over fill your teeth whitening tray, have no wastage or mess. All the gel will go on your teeth – increasing whitening effectivity.
  • The high viscosity (stickiness) of the gel ensures that no gel is wasted as it adheres to the tooth very effectively. During home teeth whitening there is significantly less saliva produced and therefore less seepage “off” the tooth.

In the case of dental home teeth whitening, less is definitely more. One drop of the gel in each tooth impression is all that is required to get the perfect of whitening results.