You probably have heard this: the first impression is the last impression. And, to leave a good and long-lasting impression, you need to know fresh breath hacks before your next hot date.

By keeping these valuable tips in mind, you will make sure to avoid bad breath. As you’re meeting someone for the first time, keeping your breath smell good is important.

Stay Hydrated

Both Alcohol and Coffee can cause bad breath. If you’re going to have coffee or alcohol with your date, drink water in between to keep your breath fresh. Drinking water not only prevents your mouth from becoming dry but also rinses your mouth to keep the bad smell-inducing bacteria away. We know that it is hard to completely avoid coffee or alcohol, so just keep a mouthwash with you. This will help you in case you feel that your breath smells bad.

Foods that can Cause Bad Breath

There are some foods that must be avoided before you meet your date. These foods include garlic, onion, milk and cheese, canned tuna, coffee, and alcohol.

You can enjoy devouring the above foods but it is best to keep them at bay before your date. The thing about these bad breath foods is that their bad odor doesn’t go away by brushing or using mouthwash.

Spicy foods can also cause bad breath. For instance, Indian curry can cause after-meal bad breath due to its spices.

A high sugar and high protein diet can result in bad breath. And, a low carb diet can also lead to bad breath.

Sleep with your Mouth Closed

How we sleep can impact how our breath smells in the morning. If you sleep with your mouth open (many people do), it could be the reason why you wake up with a dry mouth – which is the perfect environment for bacteria to flourish.

However, if you naturally breathe through your mouth while sleeping, it can be difficult to correct it.

Though there is one thing you can definitely do: always BRUSH your teeth before sleeping. Make it a habit to brush your teeth before you hit the bed.

Bad Breath Indicator

‘Whiffing into cupped hands’ is a common way to check whether your breath smells bad or not. But it is not an accurate indicator.

A more accurate way to check if your breath smells bad is to ‘smell your floss’. And, if it smells bad, brush your teeth and use a mouthwash.

There is another accurate way to check your breath. Take a spoon and stick it back of your tongue and gently scrape then take out the spoon and let it dry for a minute after which take a sniff. I know this is an awkward way to check how your mouth smells but it is effective.

Buy a Chewing Gum with Xylitol in it

Not every chewing gum is good for your breath. The first thing to look for when buying a chewing gum is to look for a pack of sugarless gum. This is because sugar can worsen your bad breath problem, and also cause tooth decay in the long term.

There are different types of sugarless sweeteners in chewing gums. You should look for the sweetener called ‘xylitol’ – a natural sweetener which is good for oral health. Xylitol provides many dental benefits such as it increases saliva production, helping your mouth naturally cleanse itself, and keeping bad breath inducing bacteria away.

So, have a chewing gum (with xylitol in it) in your pocket or car. It will benefit you temporarily, and in the long run as well.

Keep Your Tongue Clean

Many people are not aware that you must clean your tongue along with your teeth and gums. It is okay if your parents never told you that your ‘tongue needs brushing’. Now that you know, always remember to brush your tongue.

Why your tongue does need brushing? Because is it a great place for bacteria to flourish and hence lead to bad breath.

One more important tip – brush GENTLY. Yes, take your time when you’re brushing. Cover all the areas to keep your mouth, gum, and tongue clean.


No matter how good-looking you’re. If your breath stinks, your date will be reluctant to come close to you, let alone to think of kissing you.

You should give considerable time to your oral health because it is possibly the most important thing on a date. It is very embarrassing to have bad breath when you’re sitting or standing close to your date.

Thankfully with our fresh breath hacks, you will keep your breath fresh and maintain good oral hygiene.

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