Undoubtedly, home teeth whitening kits have made the teeth whitening process convenient, easy, and affordable. You can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home. It is an effective and safe procedure, but consumers are not sure of which teeth whitening kit to purchase? In this article, we will make this task much easier for you.

And, after reading this piece, you will be able to pick the best home teeth whitening kit.

Application Method

At-home teeth whitening doesn’t have to be complex. All that’s required is a whitening gel, mouth tray, and an accelerator light. So when choosing a teeth whitening kit, look for the one which is easier to apply and has simple instructions.

The other thing you need to consider is the required length of time each whitening kit needs to show significant results. Some kits need a month whereas some need two weeks’ time. There are also some kits which need only a few days.

So look for a kit that will suit your requirements. An effective whitening kit with an initial application period of two weeks or less will produce brilliant results.

Is it Effective?

A whitening kit that markets itself as the best but fails to come up to its claims is certainly not the best kit in the market. I can understand that there is much exaggeration on products’ advertisements and promotions, but a whitening kit should provide realistic improvement.

So without the effectiveness of a whitening kit, there’s no use of whatever it conveys on its packaging and promotion unless it gives satisfactory results to the users.

Safe to Use

Safety is a big factor to consider when choosing a whitening kit. We all want white teeth, but not at the cost of damaging our teeth or gums. There is an active ingredient called hydrogen peroxide in most whitening kits; as per Australian guidelines, this ingredient cannot be issued in amounts of more than 6%.

In the past, UV lights were commonly used to accelerate the teeth whitening process. But, it is not safe as they can leave the mouth tissue open to radiation exposure.

Instead of UV lights, look for ‘blue light’ which emits light at a safe wavelength without heat or causing any damage. Hence, it is necessary to check the ingredients before deciding which whitening kit to buy.


An effective whitening kit should neither be too costly nor too cheap. A very low priced whitening kit might be substandard and won’t deliver good results. On the other hand, a high-quality whitening kit should not be too expensive; a reasonable price should be around $80 to $100.

Reviews and Feedback

The best way to judge the quality and effectiveness of a teeth whitening kit is to read authentic user reviews. Customers who have already tried whitening kits will tell you their experience, and from that, you can evaluate which kit you should avoid buying and which one to purchase. By doing research you save yourself from not just wasting money, but also avoidable damage to your teeth, gums, and mouth (that is in case you buy a poor and substandard whitening kit).

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